Wilson Von Rohr ’24 Awarded Newman Prize


Amidst the spirited ambiance of the assembly on Monday, November 24, Wilson Von Rohr ’24 took center stage to recount his captivating experience as the Newman Prize recipient for the Class of 2024.

Wilson’s Journey to Los Angeles

Established in 1992 by Mark Vittert ’65, the Newman Prize bestows a junior class member with the extraordinary opportunity to engage with a distinguished American personality. Named after the illustrious Eric Newman ’28, a prominent figure in JBS’s inception, the prize embodies the spirit of exploration and intellectual curiosity.

Wilson, an avid aficionado of cinema, seized this prestigious accolade to embark on a memorable journey to Los Angeles, where he crossed paths with Hollywood luminary Brian Robbins, the esteemed president and CEO of Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon. Robbins graciously imparted invaluable insights gleaned from his illustrious career, offering pearls of wisdom to Wilson and his fellow classmates.

Behind-the-Scenes Adventures in Tinseltown

Reflecting on his encounter, Wilson shared, “I will forever cherish the wisdom Brian bestowed upon me regarding navigating the complexities of the film industry. His advice underscored the importance of resilience, deep knowledge of the craft, and an unwavering commitment to creative endeavors.”

In addition to his enlightening discourse with Robbins, Wilson’s sojourn in Los Angeles encompassed a luxurious stay in Beverly Hills and an immersive tour of the Paramount Pictures studio lot. Venturing into the heart of cinematic magic, Wilson explored iconic movie stages, perused prop and sign departments, and marveled at the studio’s illustrious Oscar collection. Moreover, a visit to Nickelodeon’s offices provided a delightful encounter with the legendary Tom Kenny, the iconic voice behind SpongeBob SquarePants, and a gifted animator who bestowed upon Wilson a cherished souvenir drawing.

The Newman Prize and Future Explorations

Facilitating Wilson’s rendezvous with Robbins was LA-based producer and screenwriter Chris Bremner ’02, who extended his mentorship to Wilson, nurturing his aspirations within the film industry. Grateful for the transformative experience, Wilson expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the members of the Newman committee for the life-changing opportunity that will forever resonate with him.

In a ceremonious gesture following Wilson’s captivating narrative, Andy Newman ’62, a distinguished member of the Newman Prize committee, unveiled the recipient for the Class of 2025 — Miko Kim ’25.

Stay tuned as Miko Kim embarks on her own odyssey, with choices ranging from luminaries in the realms of music, animation, television production, and beyond, underscoring the enduring legacy of the Newman Prize in nurturing intellectual exploration and fostering cultural exchange within the John Burroughs School community.

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